Persistence-based tracking of rainfall field maxima

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TitlePersistence-based tracking of rainfall field maxima
Publication TypeReport Series
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSobrero D., Cerri A., Biasotti S., Pittaluga S., Spagnuolo M.
SeriesIMATI Report Series
Pagination16 p.
Date PublishedJuly
Place PublishedGenova
Type of WorkTechnical Report

In this paper we propose a novel methodology for tracking the maxima of rainfall precipitation fields, whose changes in time may give interesting insights on the evolution of storms. Our approach is based on a topological analysis of rainfall data allowing for the extraction of the most prominent, and hence meaningful, rainfall field maxima. Then, an ad-hoc bottleneck matching is used to track the evolution of maxima along multiple time instances. The potential of our method is exhibited through a set of experiments carried out on a collection of observed punctual rainfall data and radar measurements provided by Genova municipality and Regione Liguria.

KeywordsCritical points, Persistence analysis, Storm tracking
Citation Keyirs16-11