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Moscoso Thompson E, Biasotti S. Analysis of a multi-ring technique for 3D pattern recognition. Genova: CNR-IMATI; 2017. (2.17 MB)
Alaimo G, Auricchio F, Bianchini I., Lanzarone E.. Applying functional principal components to structural topology optimization. Milano: CNR-IMATI; 2017. (1.31 MB)
Cho D., Vázquez R.. BPX preconditioners for isogeometric analysis using analysis-suitable T-splines. Pavia: CNR-IMATI; 2017. (1.4 MB)
Patané G., Giannini F., Attene M.. Computational methods for the morphological analysis and annotation of segmented 3D medical data. Genova: CNR-IMATI; 2017. (7.73 MB)
Ernst O., Sprungk B., Tamellini L.. Convergence of sparse collocation for functions of countably many Gaussian random variables (with application to elliptic PDEs). Pavia: CNR-IMATI; 2017. (432.08 KB)
Choudhury AP, Crippa G, Spinolo LV. Initial-boundary value problems for nearly incompressible vector fields, and applications to the Keyfitz and Kranzer system. Pavia: CNR-IMATI; 2017. (1.09 MB)
Coclite G., Garavello M., Spinolo LV. A mathematical model for piracy control through police response. Pavia: CNR-IMATI; 2017. (373.17 KB)
Bianchini S., Colombo M., Crippa G., Spinolo LV. Optimality of integrability estimates for advection-diffusion equations. Pavia: CNR-IMATI; 2017. (1.35 MB)
Akagi G., Schimperna G., Segatti A., Spinolo LV. Quantitative estimates on localised finite differences for the fractional Poisson problem, and applications to regularity and spectral stability. Pavia: CNR-IMATI; 2017. (1.22 MB)
Colombo M., Crippa G., Spinolo L.. On the singular local limit for conservation laws with nonlocal fluxes. Pavia: CNR-IMATI; 2017. (1.26 MB)
Quarati A, Clematis A, Levati V. Soluzioni Open Source per la scalabilità di servizi di raccolta ed utilizzo di dati ambientali da sensore. Genova: CNR-IMATI; 2017. (5 MB)
Beck J., Sangalli G., Tamellini L.. A sparse-grid isogeometric solver. Pavia: CNR-IMATI; 2017. (1.78 MB)
Colombo I, Nobile F, Porta G, Scotti A, Tamellini L.. Uncertainty quantification of geochemical and mechanical compaction in layered sedimentary basins. Pavia: CNR-IMATI; 2017. (3.68 MB)
Giannini F., Pitikakis M.. VVS medical workflows: Definition of a static workflow for part-based annotation of wrist bones and web service oriented architecture for executable workflows. Genova: IMATI-CNR; 2017. (3.91 MB)
Vázquez R, Garau E.. Algorithms for the implementation of adaptive isogeometric methods using hierarchical splines. Pavia: IMATI-CNR; 2016. (1.74 MB)
Baş S., Carello G., Lanzarone E., Yalçindağ S.. An appointment scheduling framework to balance the production of blood bags from donation. Milano: CNR-IMATI; 2016. (2.07 MB)
Raffo A., Biasotti S.. Calcolo di descrittori ibridi geometria-colore per l'analisi di similarità di forme 3D. Genova: IMATI-CNR; 2016. (2.93 MB)
Patané G., Cerri A., Skytt V., Pittaluga S., Biasotti S., Sobrero D., et al. Comparing methods for the approximation of rainfall fields in environmental applications. Genova: CNR-IMATI; 2016. (11.04 MB)
Li Z., Giannini F., Véron P., Falcidieno B.. Conceptual design of shapes in Virtual Environments through the re-use of heterogeneous data. Genova: CNR-IMATI; 2016. (2.06 MB)
Carrera D., Manganini F., Boracchi G., Lanzarone E.. Defect detection in nanostructures. Milano: CNR-IMATI; 2016. (4.26 MB)
Torrente M., Biasotti S., Falcidieno B.. Feature curve identification in archaeological fragments using an extension of the Hough transform. Genova: CNR-IMATI; 2016. (1.53 MB)
D’Agostino D., Zereik G., Danovaro E., Roverelli L., Clematis A., Galizia A.. From lesson learned to the refactoring of the DRIHM science gateway for hydro-meteorological research. Genova: CNR-IMATI; 2016. (2.16 MB)
Chiang L., Giannini F., Monti M.. Identification of patterns of repeated parts in solid objects. Genova: CNR-IMATI; 2016. (6.04 MB)
Chiang L., Giannini F., Monti M.. Identification of patterns of repeated parts in solid objects - Part II. Genova: IMATI-CNR; 2016. (3.27 MB)
Petrov A., Pernot J., Giannini F., Falcidieno B.. Mapping aesthetic properties to 3D free form shapes through the use of a machine learning based framework. Genova: CNR-IMATI; 2016. (2.69 MB)